Welcome to Baikalplan Association Germany!

You have entered the portal of Baikalplan e.V., a registered association with its headquarters in Dresden, Germany. Since 1995 we have regularly travelled to Lake Baikal. Basically those journeys are no longer vacation trips, nevertheless the fascination for the unique landscape and the people hasn't changed.
By means of this website we want to inform you about our goals and current projects. This portal gains a lot from vivid participation. To stay up to date we are very thankful for every piece of new information and newly established contact and of course also for every other contribution you can think of - we are always happy to learn something new.

Frolikha Adventure Costline Track

3,2,1,...go! The race, or rather the hike is on! Our 100km trekking adventure project at Northern Lake Baikal was launched recently. Head off for 5, 6 days into the pure wild!

Great Baikal Trail

A hiking trail around Lake Baikal? An ambitious project, and with international help the first of the more than 1800 km already invite you to hike.

F.A.C.T. - trail description published!

Recently we have published our 32-sided brochure with a detailded trail description and several maps about the Frolikha Adventure Coastline Track at lake Baikal

Travel information

Since April 2003 you have been able to get almost every kind of important information about a journey to Lake Baikal or its surrounding area online on our travel info portal, ranging from possibilities of cheap accommodation to hints for the winter or for cave expeditions.

We are looking for trainees/translators!

For the support of the work of the Baikalplan association we are constantly looking for independent trainees as well as translators conversant with travelling.

Supportive membership

We need money to realise our projects, too. Therefore we would be very pleased if you supported our work as a supportive member.

Six Months at Lake Baikal - A Road Trip

From July to Oktober 2003, Claudia , Sandra, Thomas and Hagen from Dresden were travelling Russia by car. Their Mitsubishi-4wheel drive and the good old VW Bus T 2 brought them safely right to the shores of Lake Baikal.