First online port of call for friends of Lake Baikal (under revision)

For over ten years, we have been traveling to Siberia and Lake Baikal on a regular basis. Especially since 2000, the flow of tourists from Germany, Poland or France has grown steadily. But the internet only offers fragmentary travel information and tips on Irkutsk, Lake Baikal and its surroundings.

Baikalhostels.com intends to be more than just an extensive travel platform. The site also wants to promote previously unknown local offers or establish connections between them.

But what’s also important to us: Our commitment is not directed at promoting mass tourism. We aim at opening up new perspectives for the local community, at supporting a soft form of tourism, as well as preserving customs and traditions and fostering cultural exchange. In doing so, we focus on Lake Baikal, which we happily dedicate the first toast of Vodka to.

At the beginning of April 2003, we started developing the travel information portal named www.baikalhostels.com. Since then, the platform has grown steadily. Since 2005, almost all information is also available in English – finally! While in the beginning we focused on presenting inexpensive accommodation options, the site now offers virtually the entire range of important travel information. Hence, we decided to change the name to www.baikalinfo.com.

In the future, there is one particular section that we would like to develop: an extensive description of exciting single or multi-day trips to and around Lake Baikal. We will be able to draw on our commitment in building the “Great Baikal Trail” as well as our cartography project, which we launched in 2005, to quickly establish this section.

Even though we have taken to traveling to Lake Baikal almost every six months, we still depend on tips and the support of others. In case you have just come back from Lake Baikal, you are welcome to send us an e-mail containing important information such as new bus connections, new prices, new accommodation offers or interesting tour descriptions.