Three work camps in 2015

07. - 22. of August 2015 and 14. - 29. of August 2015

This year, we have once again planned several work camps in the North of Lake Baikal. As in the years before, the focus will be on developing or repairing the Frolikha Adventure Coastline Tracks. We also want to continue the work on the west coast, which we took up in 2013 by developing the track to Lake Baikal’s highest peak (Pik Cherskovo, 2544m above sea level).


Camp 1:  07. - 22. of August 2015

Come work at the east coast and extend F.A.C.T. to the South towards Barguzinski Sapovednik. The camp focuses on exploration and classic track-building, i.e. cutting clear the track.

Camp 2:  07. - 22. of August 2015

Come work at the west coast on the trail leading to Lake Baikal’s highest peak, Pik Cherskovo. This camp also focuses mainly on classic track-building. Depending on the wishes and capabilities of the participants, the task will take place at the stretch along the beach or lead you higher up into the mountains.

Camp 3:  14. - 29. of August 2015

Come work way up north at Werkhne Angara Sakasnik. The project’s target consists of repairing the boardwalks leading across the marsh, built provisionally in 2004, as well as repairing the old look-out and a hut. So far, we are still waiting for permission to redevelop the hut, but we are planning to develop an old, out-of-use log cabin in such a way that it can be used as a holiday cottage by visitors who plan to stay for a few days.


If you’re interested, you are welcome to send an e-mail to or get in touch via Facebook .


Due to exchange rate fluctuations, it is difficult to say at the moment how high the price will actually be. What is still cheap is the flight from Germany to Irkutsk. At the moment, Aeroflot, S7 or Transaereo still offer return flights for approximately 500 Euros.

On top of that, there is the train journey from Irkutsk to Sewerobaikalsk, which costs approximately 150 Euros in the cheapest category (couchette), a visa from 65 Euros on and money for food, transport, fees etc. amounting to 150 Euros. If you want to have a nice diner in Irkutsk, prefer to go by sleeping car or spend a few more days at Lake Baikal, you should naturally calculate a bit more generously. By trend, Russia will be cheaper this year than it has been for a long time.


Basically, you don’t need any special skills in order to participate in the camps. You will, however, live under very simple conditions, sleep in a tent, cook your meals over a campfire, wash in a cold lake and use an outhouse in the woods. There are several experienced participants in all of the camps, so that your task consists mainly of helping. You shouldn’t be afraid of rolling up your sleeves, though, as work can be quite rough. Fantastic nature, the clear waters of Lake Baikal and wonderful evenings around the campfire make up for it.